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click the lampshades

the chess set is a chess set oleg brought back from veitnam in 2013


the record/cd player does not work anymore


the klimdt woman was purchased by oleg in a vintage store in katoomba for $24 dollars about 5 years ago


the television on wheels was purchased at a market in The Entrance, Central Coast and used in We're Bastards. it is a working tv, just unused.


the bottle opener was purchased at an op shop and used at the peas
wedding in 2010
his name is Ernesto


the stacked tins were purchased by tara from markets over the years


the vodka bottle lamp was made by tara; in her spare time she makes lamps from liquor bottles
she does this by drilling (delicately) through glass, wiring the lamp and making a lamp shade
in this case the lamp shade is made from pages from a russian novel.


the green sofa was purchased on ebay for $50 and towed to the peas' apartment by strapping it on a rented pick up truck (whose indicators stopped working as the peas drove the sofa through parramatta road)


the jean claude van damme and chuck norris coushins were purchased by tara as a gift to oleg for his birthday in 2015


oleg's shirt was purchased in Romania


tara's dress was purchased at the glebe markets forever ago


the 3D picture of the matador was purchased at the newtown festival in 2014


the guitar is an Epiphone Gibson purchased for oleg in Poland in 1998


the 1959 button accordian was purchased in romania in 2014


the tiered plates were made by tara; she buys plates from op shops then drills holes in them to make sweet tiered plates


the pink tea set is a vintage tea set gifted to tara


the various dvds and books have been accumulated over the course of a lifetime





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