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by Oleg Pupovac

As part of UnWrapped 
at the Sydney Opera House


20, 21 March 2020

Studio Theatre

Sydney Opera House

Bennelong Point, Sydney 2000 NSW


*Me and My Mother, Singing was first performed August 2018 at the Blood Moon theatre, Kings Cross

then again in April 2019 as part of Griffin Theatre's BATCH Festival 


This show has been cancelled


due to COVID-19


i look for paintings of snowfall. specifically where the snow meets the white sky. I don’t want to see where the snow ends and the sky begins. i want it to be endless, and for it to happen in front of me. in the rubble of an earthquake, i don’t want to distinguish between debris and sky. i want it to be still, and it to be still around me.

I don’t want to see my hand in front of my face, and I don’t want to see the snow falling.


A one-man show by Yugoslavian actor/writer Oleg Pupovac which explores identity, otherness and one man’s eternal search for the perfect painting of snow.

Drawing inspiration from the countries he grew up in, Oleg uses storytelling, poetry, multimedia and performance to tell this fractured, trilingual story.

Semi-autobiographical, with text performed in English, Serbo-Croatian and Arabic (with translations), it is a story that couldn’t be told without his mother, singing.

written / performed by Oleg Pupovac

directed by Glen Hamilton

Arabic consultant Priscilla Doueihy

photography by Roman Wolczak

original production prepared /
directed by
Tara Clark


U toj dubini,

plavoj i bez ruba,

tražio sam, već davno,



Al sve što se iznad diglo —

nestalo je.

Gore su još samo plave



Tražiću ga još po krugu

vrtoglavom —

Makar oči izgubio,

sam u plavom.

- Stevan Raičković


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